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Warehouse Services

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Leo cargo packer movers have warehousing facilities that handle bulk cargo including various types of requirements. Consignments that are not packed but loaded directly into the vessel hold.

We provide and arrange for the best storage services to restore goods to a specified time frame across India. After inspection of goods, all the goods coming into the warehouse are stored properly. In addition, they acquire several truck doors, ground loading/unloading facilities, and modern wall construction with fire protection, hourly security guards, computerized inventory control, light assembly, and cross-docking.

While in storage, we take every possible precaution to ensure that the goods retain their value during the period of storage. Our warehousing facilities are available for containerized, refrigerated, and hazardous materials. We perform the necessary control checks on the entry and exit of goods.

Well protected and spacious, our storage facility ensures the complete safety of goods. Our storage facility available throughout the country protects during transit, keeping goods intact and impregnable for any damage. Our warehouses provide also unpublished care of every stored item.

Complete Solution to your Enhancement Shifting Requirements

We, Leo cargo packer movers provide domestic and international packing and moving services.